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my time travelling mind

Elle Moss has it all - queen bee at Dulcy High and top of her class - what more to life is there?

     But soon her double life of studying and partying catches up with her, and the school Chaplain, with a twinkle in his eye, insists she participate in a meditation session after she’s caught falling asleep in History. 

     But during the meditation, Elle mysteriously floats back in time to a flooded farm, and saves a young girl swept under by the current. 

     At her next History class, where they are watching short videos on natural and man-made disasters, Elle discovers a strange connection between the videos and the visions she has during meditation. 

     Now, she does not need the Chaplain to enforce she does the meditation - it’s all she thinks about. Where will she be taken next? Somehow, the things that were once so important to her - beauty, brains and social status – are insignificant compared to the portal to the past she has discovered. 


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