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my giant - a love story

Giants live among us. But not overtly: they live hidden in the shadows of society. 

     I know, because I’m in love with one. 

     I first heard the gentle voice of Penelope Cotton on the other end of a telemarketing call, and from that day forth, I was smitten, even before we’d met. Her reluctance to meet only made me curiouser - I told her I’d still be keen even if she had three heads, and that seemed to convince her. 

     But I was not prepared for what I saw in the hay fields of her farm the night we first met, and I’ll admit I was a coward and almost blew my chances.

     Now don’t get me wrong: Penelope may be a giant, but she is beautiful, inside and out. And I soon discovered love knew no bounds, not even that of size. 

     But could I convince Penny to leave not only her family, but the safety of her secret, cocooned life to be with me? And was the world ready to accept Penny’s gigantism so that we could have our happily-ever-after? 


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