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my daughters, my clones

In the year 2063, the chemical fires that had raged had left the air too polluted to procreate naturally. 

     For Ma, the decision had been an easy one, when the scientists came up with a new way to further the human race: she ordered triplets, each the identical genetic twin of her, grown in an artificial womb. 

The girls - Mary, Patrice and Beth - are breathtaking at thirteen, just as Ma had been. Then tragedy strikes and Mary suddenly dies. 

     Mary was Ma's favourite, and Ma feels hard done-by with her remaining two daughters: Patrice - just as pathetic and timid as Ma had been at that age, and Beth: as cold-hearted and unkind as Coal, the man Ma had been forced into marrying by her parents when she was only a teenager. 

     When Ma wakes earlier one morning and finds Beth asleep next to Coal, she is forced to snap out of her haze of grief and take action: she commands her daughters to move in with her parents, the very people who sacrificed her to Coal to save themselves in this harsh new world. 


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