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my parallel world


For Clara, the grass could be so much greener. 

     Sure, she has Dean, but the love died long ago, along with their sex-life. They were just a boring comfortable now. And things were going nowhere with her job in Payroll, either. 

     One night, after a lonely mug of champagne, Clara glimpses another version of herself in the mirror. A better version, from a strikingly similar parallel world, Reath, and she is mesmerised. 

     When her parallel self offers to swap places, Clara readily agrees.  A portal materialises in the mirror and Clara is transported into her new, exciting world. 

     At first, Clara's new world is everything she dreamed - an important job as an accountant, and Angus Rio, another accountant who knows his way around the bedroom and satisfies Clara in ways she never imagined.

     But it is not long before she finds the grass is not as green as she thought - and she craves Dean's companionship and the comfortable life they shared. But the portal through the mirror is firmly shut. After all, why would her parallel self be stupid enough to give up Dean a second time?

     Can Clara learn to make do with the life she has traded into on Reath? 


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