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my brother's entity

Mandel and Oscar are brothers, but that’s where the similarity ends.

     Mandel is recklessly confident, and Oscar’s as shy as a kitten.

     Even when Mandel dies unexpectedly, Oscar cannot find the courage to stand up and say a few words for his eulogy, even though there was plenty he wanted to say about the big brother he idolised. 

     But that’s when Oscar first hears the voice. 

     ‘Get up there and say something about me!’ Mandel growls in his ear at the funeral. But when Oscar turns his head, Mandel’s nowhere to be seen. 

     He’s dead, Oscar reminds himself. Corpses can’t talk. 

     Or can they? 

     Oscar discovers that whenever he has a few beers and dons Mandel’s infamous bucket hat - the tatty hat he wore whenever he went out on the town to get up to mischievous - Mandel is back, inside his head. 

     Together, they can go on adventures, like old times. Only, it’s even better now, because with Mandel in his head, Oscar has the confidence to do things he’d never dreamed. 

     Then Oscar proposes to Hilda, the never-hurt-a-fly librarian who helped Oscar through his grief, and she accepts! Life for Oscar has never been better. 

     But Mandel does not like Hilda, because with her around, he can’t come out to play, and Oscar is caught between the love of his life, and the dead brother in his head. 

     Soon not even a beer is needed for Mandel to be there, and Oscar realises he must do something drastic to block Mandel permanently, so he doesn’t lose Hilda and their future together. 

But Mandel will not give up his presence in Oscar’s mind without a fight....

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