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my sister's spirit

I was too late to save Lucy from the fire. My twin, my best friend, gone, with the mottled red scar on the side of my face from the fire's flames to remind me of my failure.

     When people look at me, they look away. I am a reminder of her. 

     Which is why I decided to end my own life, by jumping over the precipice of Grace Falls. 

     Down, down, down I went.

     And the regret hit me, as soon as I'd jumped.

     I don't want to die! 

     But I didn't: A knobbly protrusion in the cliff broke my fall (as well as my knee cap, but that was a small price to pay for a second chance at life). 

     It was there I discovered the glowing, moss-covered cave, hidden behind the waterfall. I sensed immediately the place was magical - but I did not expect my sister to condensate from the waterfall mist right before my eyes - but I swear to you, that's what happened! 

     ‘Florrie. I'm here. Don't be afraid.’

     It was only at the cave I could see her, and though the trek was dangerous, she and it became my salvation. 

     But soon Lucy would not be allowed to come anymore - would I be able to face the world again alone, without her? 



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